In storytelling, sound makes actions immersive and events relatable. Having a sense of what you need is a good start but crafting a fitting sonic expression can take hours to learn and years to master.

Sonic-Motion was designed to speed this process up for all creators and offers an intuitive, performative interface available on any device, from the phone in your pocket to your studio computer.

If you are a sound design veteran you will find that Sonic-Motion speeds up your workflow. If you are not yet experienced in this subtle art, you will quickly hear how Sonic-Motion will help you to create expressive and responsive sound design within minutes. Try our free demo now!

We are an independent company based in Istanbul, registered as Sonicmotion Teknoloji Ltd.. We initially received a TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkiye) 1512 R&D Grant in 2020. This launched the company and helped us develop our core technology. In 2023 we received a follow-up TUBITAK 1507 R&D Grant for further development.

We are hard at work developing individual product releases and can't wait for you to get the most out of Sonic-Motion! Play with our online demo, register in Sonic-Motion and keep in touch with our latest developments.